Moth Fairy in Watercolor

Moth Fairy in Watercolor

My daughter and I have an ongoing disagreement over this painting. My intent was to paint a male fairy since all of the fairies I’ve painted thus far have been female, but she insists that this fairy looks like a girl, too, because of its long locks and the way it’s sitting on the daisy. I disagree. I think it clearly looks like a boy. What are your thoughts–boy or girl?

This painting is based on a tutorial in Linda Ravenscroft’s book, “The Fairy Artist’s Figure Drawing Bible.”

19 thoughts on “Moth Fairy in Watercolor

  1. Hmm I think I have to say female too. The features could be male but the pose makes me think feminine. Of course I’ve never seen a fairy so who am I to say what they really look like. 🙂 It’s a beautiful painting.

  2. Do you think that I would be brave enough to side with either my daughter or grandaughter? I’m not fool-hardy! I will commit to the colors being more masculine, but the fairy-?-?-?-ah-h-h-let’s say non gender. Which ever, nice painting. Love the colors you chose.

  3. Adorable! The little pose is terrific. If it were a human, it looks somewhat more girlish. But as we know, the fairy folk tend toward the feminine (I’m talking about you, Legolas). So, if you tell me it’s a boy I can see it. 🙂

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