Tulip Field in Watercolor

Tulip field in watercolor

After several starts and stops–and a holiday in between–I finally finished the painting that I started during my family watercolor fest. As per our challenge, I plan on adding ink details, but I like this painting so much as is that I wanted to share it with my readers–and save a copy for myself. Here’s a close-up view:

Tulip field close up

Watercolor Hummingbird

Greta's Hummingbird1

I spent the evening listening to classical music and painting with my daughter. She painted this gorgeous hummingbird. I love the color scheme she chose. The colors are so soft and fresh. The original line drawing was a free download available at DeviantArt.com. I love it when my daughter joins in on my painting sessions.

Watercolor Morning Glories

This was such a simple drawing, yet I found these morning glories quite challenging to paint. Challenging = difficult, which usually means it was a learning experience, and that’s a good thing. This painting was based on a drawing lesson from Janet Whittle’s book, “How to Draw Exotic Flowers in Simple Steps.”