Work in Progress–Pink Tulip Bouquet

I worked on this painting for several hours yesterday and again tonight, but I got too tired to finish it. I’m happy with my progress thus far, so I’m posting a sneak preview. For this painting, I reversed my usual process and painted the background first. I used masking fluid to prevent the dark paint from bleeding into the lighter parts of the painting. It was my first attempt at using masking fluid. I found it a bit tricky to apply; it dried quickly and became thick in a few seconds. I’m not sure if this is typical or if the masking fluid I purchased was a bit on the old side. I used only three colors in this painting–Winsor blue (green shade), permanent rose, and green gold–my absolute favorite colors by Winsor Newton. Watercolors on hot pressed Acquarello Artistico paper by Fabriano.

Spicebush Swallowtail and Lantana

Another quick study my daughter completed from the book, “Painting Butterflies and Blooms” by Sherry C. Nelson. Watercolors on cold pressed Acquarello Artistico paper by Fabriano.

Watercolor Poppies

poppies in watercolor

My daughter, Greta, painted these gorgeous poppies during our Mother’s Day watercolor fest. The improvement between this painting and her earlier watercolor paintings is remarkable. And her timing is perfect–I can’t wait to show you how I plan to feature her painting in my upcoming Tangerine Tango home makeover. Watercolors on hot pressed Acquarello Artistico paper by Fabriano.