Thanksgiving Candlelight Dinner for Two

Thanksgiving Candlelight Dinner for Two

Thank you for all the wonderful holiday wishes. My daughter and I enjoyed a cozy, peaceful candlelight dinner for two.

Thanksgiving candlelight dinner for two

We feasted on roast chicken, cornbread stuffing, green beans, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato casserole (my favorite). What a memorable day.

Thanksgiving Candlelight Dinner for Two

For dessert, my daughter requested homemade apple pie. She helped me prepare and serve the entire meal.

Homemade apple pie

How was your holiday?

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Candlelight Dinner for Two

  1. Beautiful shots of your candlelight dinner. My Thanksgiving was wonderful with my husband’s best-ever pumpkin pie. It more than made up for the year he forgot to add the sugar.

    • LOL, I’ll bet it does! When my daughter was young and just learning how to cook, she accidentally used powdered sugar in a cake recipe and then figured she’d make up for the mistake by using granulated sugar in the icing. We still laugh about it today.

  2. Love the warm glow of your Thanksgiving photos. Our turkey was super moist and homemade cranberry sauce added a special pizazz.

  3. Oh…those pictures…the warmth it radiates…and picturing mother and daughter enjoying the days work at the kitchen…taking your time enjoying the food…being in tune with each other, talking, reminiscing , being grateful…it’s such a wonderful, beautiful picture to view 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, Shree. The pictures do convey the wonderful, warm holiday we shared and I’m so happy to share them here and have them as keepsakes to remind me of a special day spent with my daughter.

  5. Love your photos Jill, sounds like you had a lovely night. The food sounds delicious and I really like your table decorations!

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