My Painting Buddy

My dog, Piggy

Yard work and outdoor home improvement projects are great opportunities to spend quality time with your pets. My little dog, Piggy, is a my gardening buddy and constant friend. He will happily spend hours in the yard while I plant flowers and work around the house. That’s my boy!

My dog, Piggy

My dog, Piggy

My dog, Piggy

15 thoughts on “My Painting Buddy

    • Hi, Elena. My dog’s official name is Marty. A friend of mine found three puppies stuffed into a dog crate along the side of the road in Martinsburg, West Virginia and a second crate filled with two adult cats and two sets of kittens–all of them covered with feces and severely dehydrated. She kept one puppy and brought the other two puppies plus all the cats to the rescue group where I volunteered. I named the little black and white puppy Marty for Martinsburg, West Virginia, fostered him and his sister for a while, but fell in love with Marty and added him to my pack. My sister adopted his sister and named her Paige (after Paige from the show, Trading Spaces). I’ve been calling him “Piggy” for 10 years now because of his cute pig-like tail. I guess it’s become his official name by default. So, what do you think, should I make it official?

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