Colorful Studio Accessories

Pantone Metal Storage Tin2

I’ve never been a fan of winter with its stark landscapes and gray skies. I prefer sunny days and the bright colors of spring and summer. Perhaps that’s why I was so drawn to these Pantone metal storage boxes. They come in nine colors–I chose turquoise, mimosa, and macaw green. I plan on using them to organize my art supplies since my collection is growing rapidly.

Ottlite Slimline Task Light

I also treated myself to two Ottlite Slimline task lights in white–one for me and one for my daughter. The Ottlite is compact, adjustable, folds for easy storage, casts a pure white light on my paintings, and eliminates shadows so I can paint late into the night. At $35.99, it’s also affordable.

Guerrilla Watercolor Board

In addition to the storage tins and task lights, I also purchased two Guerrilla Painter watercolor boards. They also serve as paper stretchers to keep my watercolor paper flat while I paint. They just arrived yesterday; I can’t wait to give them a try.

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