Fall Family Watercolor Fest

What do you get when you celebrate three of your favorite things–a beautiful fall day, spending time with family, and experimenting with watercolors? A fall family watercolor fest–that’s how my mother, sister, daughter, and I spent the day. We had a great time painting, enjoying homemade treats, and sipping on cups of coffee and tea. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. I hope your weekend was equally as sweet. Here are some photos of my fall family watercolor fest:

My kitchen table was the perfect place for a family watercolor fest. With all those windows, it offers plenty of light plus easy access to food and drinks (a must in my book) and a view of the backyard so I could watch the puppies enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

It can get challenging to paint when the late afternoon casts deep shadows on your work, but we carried on, determined to complete our paintings in one session.

Normally when we get together there’s a lot of talking involved, but things got pretty quiet when everyone was concentrating on their work. Painting can be so relaxing.

We each walked away with a completed painting to remember this special day. That makes the paintings even more precious in my book.

And here’s my German Shepherd, Mary. She laid at my feet for hours while I worked on my painting. She’s such a loving, faithful companion. I’m so blessed to have her as part of my family.

My daughter’s Yorkie, Little Stevie, preferred to watch the activities from his perch on the back of the couch. He’d a delightful little imp.

9 thoughts on “Fall Family Watercolor Fest

    • It was fun. We had a family watercolor fest on Mother’s Day, and my sister had so much fun, she requested a repeat. I was happy to oblige. I’ll be posting photos of our works in progress plus the completed paintings soon. Such a diverse mix of styles–all of them beautiful.

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