Where Magic Happens

Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to make magic happen. Today I left my comfort zone, slapped a variety of colors of paint on my paper, tilted the paper to encourage the colors to run together, and came up with this wildly intense background.

Those are roses I’ve sketched (the shiny areas are masking fluid). Can I take a traditional subject like roses and combine them with this wild background and come up with something magical? Only time will tell….

6 thoughts on “Where Magic Happens

  1. The background is a beautiful amalgamation of colors. And yes magic starts happening or magic takes a life of its own once we leave our comfort zone. It is true for life & everything else 🙂

  2. Absolutely love the outcome of your experiment! I’ve been wanting you to do some wild things with water colors and your experiment turned out as fantastic as I expected it to. Love it! Can’t wait for the roses to be added.

    • Funny, that’s exactly my plan to incorporate the background colors on the roses. I worked on the painting yesterday and will continue today. So far, it’s not magical, lol. But I may still be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat.

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