Work in Progress–Orange Tulips

I love the lighting in this photo and the close-up view that shows the texture of the paper. This painting is a departure from my typical cool color scheme. I used only four paint colors (permanent rose, winsor blue, cadmium yellow deep, and indigo) by Winsor Newton. Watercolors on cold pressed Artistico paper by Fabriano.

10 thoughts on “Work in Progress–Orange Tulips

    • Did you see the pink tulip bouquet I posted a few days ago? That one is my favorite so far. For this painting I used the colors recommended in the tutorial. I plan to use the finished painting in my tangerine tango project, which is coming along nicely, but slowly.

  1. Wonderful! Really like seeing the close up showing the texture of the paper. Really like the departure from colors in your previous works, also. These colors are smashing for your tangerine tango project!! An A grade effort!

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